Thursday, 16 May 2013

That's Sew Patternless!

Ever thought about a DIY route to garment construction? well here you go!

So I thought to do this pre – post before the sew-along commences on Saturday. I feel this post is quite necessary as a number of people might be wondering why/how the sew-along would be carried out without patterns. Now, if there’s something i don’t enjoy, it is sewing with patterns! I mean it isn’t like they are too difficult to decipher or interpret; i just prefer to make my sketches, work the measurements and get cutting. This however doesn’t mean that I don’t have any patterns in my possession; as a matter of fact I do, courtesy of my mum, from Simplicity to vogue (I go back once in a blue moon to go over them as I’m a sucker for vintage cuts and learn a thing or two when going through those oldies!)
Now, sewing patternless asides seeming intimidating at first, is a different and exciting way to approach dressmaking. Although in pattern drafting, there are four basic building blocks in garment construction: Bodice, Sleeves, skirt, and trouser(you’ll get to know more about these later). It is possible however, to construct the above without a pattern hovering over your fabric/cutting table and I plan to demonstrate how via this sew-along.
Sewing patternless does give you some control as you are the master decision maker which creates an opportunity to try different things out, and so get to make certain choices as you go along and could even stumble on a different cut from that which you initially set out to achieve. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t cons when working patternless though cos there are! E.g you would have to take out and re-do seams, encounter cutting errors, sewing errors, loooads of arithmetic and lots of pondering moments but in the end it’s all worth it and gets easier the more you work at it  so keep at it, keep learning from mistakes and remember that no one would expect perfection from you even you J

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Anonymous said...

Hi onnari,so glad to start with u. Although am a patternmaker and will like to draft a pattern for all my dresses,I wouldn't mind going patternless wit u. Secondly I intend to use a fabric (not ankara)hope I can go ahead . Stepinah

Onnari Osemene said...

Glad to have you on board! And of course you can use any fabric you want to! Be sure to send photos!

Blessing said...

Hi onnari, i sent u several mails did u get any? i really want to perfect my sewing skills especially the cutting aspect, ill be grateful if you can help

Onnari Osemene said...

Hello blessing, no I haven't received any mails from you

Phummy said...

I'm so interested in sewing! Got a sewing machine in 2009 but can't sew an ordinary hanky till date. Pls help

Tbenson said...

Hello onnari...I'm glad I came across this blog,it's inspiring for someone like me who is just learning how to sow...pls keep it up

Amicable Gold said...

Am new here, greeting ma'am.