Sunday, 12 May 2013


So finally, a date has been fixed for our Sew - Along! Anyone as excited as I am? *dancing across the room*
The chosen date is May 18(Saturday).
Please don't feel sad if this is what you voted for,due to the email votes, blog and  votes, it's obvious that this baby is our winning dress!
The dress is the Scope Wrap Dress by Sika Designs, a Uk based Ghanaian label owned by Phyllis Taylor. Their fabrics are sourced from Ghana and pieces handmade in Ghana by Ghanaian seamstress.
<<this dress was styled with a 50s inspired petticoat also by Sika Designs, but for our dress, we would attach the tulle to the underlining>>

Now as mush as I would love to be overly thorough about the schedule with respects to dates, I absolutely can't and here's why: First of all, I'm not a full time blogger- I got a full time job and you how restricting that could be!and let's not forget the unreliable Internet access here in Naija! Phew! In other words, do not despair,  the posts would be uploaded thrice weekly, well detailed and orderly BUT I just wouldn't restrict my self to set dates.
Before I go on to upload the schedule, I'll do a quick intro on the chosen piece, and then list our required supplies for making the piece.

1- Ankara fabric
2- Underlinning
3- Interfacing ( iron-on)
4- Net (for making the tulle)
5- Thread (a match for your fabric of course)
6- Measuring tape
7- Scissors
8- Pins
9- Marking pen/chalk
10- And of course, a sewing machine.
Optional- An overlock machine.

Sika Scope Wrap Dress Sew - Along #1 > Body measurements
Sika Scope Wrap Dress Sew - Along #2 > Sewing the skirt:
            - marking out/cutting out the skirt 
             - sewing gather stitches on the skirt
            - joining side seams/seam finishes
            - sewing the skirt hem
Sika Scope Wrap Dress Sew - Along #3 > Sewing the bodice:
               -marking out the bodice
               - cutting out the bodice
               -sewing layers of the bodice together
Sika Scope Wrap Dress Sew - Along #4> Sewing/turning out the belts
Sika Scope Wrap Dress Sew - Along #5> Sewing the skirt's underlining:
             - marking out/cutting out the underlining 
             - sewing gather stitches on the underlining 
               - sewing the underlining hem
              - sewing the tulle to underlining

Sika Scope Wrap Dress Sew - Along #6> Preparing the underlinning for the bodice.
              -Cutting the bodice to shape
Sika Scope Wrap Dress Sew - Along #7> Attaching the belts to the bodice
Sika Scope Wrap Dress Sew - Along #8> Sewing the skirt to the bodice 
Sika Scope Wrap Dress Sew - Along #9> Showing our dresses off!!!!!!!

I've set up a thread on for the Sew - Along where participants can easily upload photos do their fabrics, work-in-progrress and finished dresses.

                       Onnari .


Adelaide said...

I'm even more excited! Yaaaay! Clearing out my Saturday to get started! Please post the nairaland thread address so I could upload my fabric, tres cool!

shade said...

Well done Onnari! Please how many yards of ankara, underlining and net should one buy? Thanks.

Onnari Osemene said...

@shade it depends on ur size though, what's ur dress size?

shade said...

My dress size is US size 6 or 8. Thanks.

Onnari Osemene said...

@ shade- u could make do with about 3 n a half yards, but 4yards would be 'safer'

Ольга Куликова said...

Love your blog!!:)
Do you follow each other? I started to follow you. Kisses.

Onnari Osemene said...