Saturday, 25 May 2013

Sika Scope Wrap Dress Sew - Along #3 > Sewing the bodice

Following the princess seam tutorial as seen here, cut out yours according to your body measurements.

get your fabric stay. (this is optional)


apply on the reverse side of your fabric

 sew the fused pieces of your bodice together

 For the back bodice - follow same instructions from the princess seam tutorial, only, insert a middle seam down the center back for better structure like so... as you can see, it isn't a straight line - use the same technique u used while making your princess seams beginning with half an inch from the bottom, beveling towards the apex and above in a gentle curve.

cut out

notch the center top

after cutting out your back bodice, pin together and sew from bottom upwards

 here it is folded. Notice the center?

That's it for the bodice post. questions would be welcome!


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