Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sika Scope Wrap Dress Sew - Along #5 > Sewing the skirt's underlining

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great time at church? :-) now I'm uploading the underlining posts rather simultaneously i.e underlining for both the skirt and the bodice< so watch, make and reach out if you've got any questions.

here, I got two yards (a yard is made up of 36'') of cotton underlining. I folded in two halves, making four folds....

Depending on your waist measurements and how full you want your underlinning, make a 'waistline' in form of a circle as we are actually creating a circle skirt. I'm using a waistline of 26'' and so made a 9'' cone from the center of the fold.

 cut that out, mark out the length of your underlining  This could be about 3 or 4'' shorter than your actual skirt length.

 this is our circle skirt spread open but folded into a semi circle so in actuality, we got a 360 degree circle when spread open.

here it is in a quarter of a circle.

 make your marking for your tulle addition. I use a 5'' mark from my waistline...

align your gathered tulle with your markings...


watch this space for the bodice underlining post.


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