Sunday, 19 May 2013


I chose to cut my skirt in a semi - circle form so that it flares out prettily, although I wouldn't want my skirt to be overly gathered as i'll be using tulle as well and don't want too much volume. Feel free to add some more gathers if you prefer as it all depends on how you plan to rock yours!

Mark out the wrong sides with your marking tool (chalk or marking pen)

From the margin, make a cone, the bottom being your waistline. Here, i'm using a waistline of 26'',(i.e 13'' each for front and back, excluding wrap overlap allowances) so the waistline marked out is 38''. Note that we are starting out with the back of the skirt so only 13'' in required asides seam allowances.
Be sure to make an equal marking from the tip as shown in the photo i.e. if you are using 15'', then it must be 15'' from the center tip all round the cone.

After marking out your cone, cut at the bottom and it should like the photo below. from the same bottom of the cone, mark out whatever skirt length you want (you must have measured out your dress length) here, i'm using 22''
be sure to mark the same length from different points, from top to bottom and you'll find that you have a semi circle kind of shape.

Here's what the back piece looks like spread open

Fold you back piece in two and spread on you remaining fabric. NOTE: the edges must be aligned

This piece makes one part of the front of the skirt. In all, we would require three pieces - back= 1piece, front = 2pieces
the extra marking you see that looks like seam allowances, are actually our overlap allowance (as it is a wrap dress we are making)
Do this twice, to complete your skirt pieces.

after you're done, make a notch at the top center of each skirt piece.

here's the backpiece spread atop the frontal piece, notice the overlap allowance? here I used 4''

pin the sides together i.e. frontal pieces to either side of the back piece, right sides facing eachother.

 sew together. Here, I used a one inch seam allowance. For the insides, you could use an overlock, ziz-zag or hem stitch for finishing.

Here's the side seam after I joined the pieces together.

hem the bottom of the skirt,

 make your gather stitches at the waistline

 make two stitches when making gather stitches just in case one gets cut as you pull 

  pull the first and second threads facing you. Dont pull all four

and the skirt's done. Don't hem the overlap edges. Just leave the skirt as is, till we resume in the next post!



shade said...

Onnari you are the best! The pictures have been of great help. im living this!

Onnari Osemene said...

Aww thanks shade!

Thida K. said...

Love your blog! you are so creative with your diy and sewing!! I do a bit of designs myself!


Anonymous said...

Pls kindly inbox me on easy step on how to cut nd sew an ankara high way skirt @

Onnari Osemene said...

Thanks Thida, love your blog too!

Onnari Osemene said...

@anon- do you mean 'high waisted'? Plus why are you anonymous though? I pleaded :-(

Anonymous said...

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