Saturday, 18 May 2013

DIY: How To Prepare Your Hair Extensions Before A Braids session

So you want to have your hair braided and want smooth, light, lovely braids, and most of all, 'an absence of tangles' what do you do? you boil some water and get dipping! I'll show you how:

Get some hair, here I used Xpression hair extensions (colours 27 and 4, as I like to mix the strands to get a nice blend of both colours)

..and some water. Hoooooot water

Immerse your extensions wholly into the water, but do not take out the rubber bands that grips the hair at the middle! as you would need it in taking the hair out of the water, and this helps to keep the hair in place.

Get the hair out by holding the loose end of the rubber band. see how small it looks? lol! hang it out to drip dry and then with a blow drier, dry it out.

 when braiding, you'll notice how easy the hair separates!



tinita said...

wow its nice.. :)

hair extensions

Onnari Osemene said...

It really is, you won't believe the difference to it after the dipping!

hilda D Diva said...

Wow I luv Dis...Fanks Sweets

Nkechi Obinna said...

New idea indeeed.., I'll try it out.