Friday 25 April 2014

Fabric Friday IX

Hello! Miss me a lil? I sure did miss blogging but try as I may I just couldn't get past all the stuff I had on my plate.
It's another edition of Fabric Friday whoop! And today, I do have some variety. Let me know if you likey!

Wax - bijou wax






And a sneak peek of what became of the daviva lol! You need to have seen me at the daviva store, I was like a kid in a candy store! Cool stuff. And yes, I still have a phobia for photos :)


ngozi said...

beautiful fabrics. I luv d flared gown. pls I need a tutorial on how to cut a six pieces long skirt. Hope u don't mind putting me through. Tnks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Fabric candy! I love "what became of the daviva" especially the form fitting sectioned dress on the left.

Well done.

anGela said...

Ur doing a great job, am new to your blog but am loving it. Please can u put us through a tutorial on a six pieces skirt or gown and also how do they convert UK dress sizes to a burst, waist and hip size. I hope that's not too much too ask. Better still cn I chat one on one with you. My email is I would so much appreciate it if you do chat me up. I have always wanted a fashion designer friend I could talk fashion with. Thanks in anticipation

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Unknown said...

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dudechainz said...

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