Friday, 19 April 2013

Celebrity Inspired DIY - Rukky Sanda

So I made a pre-post a few days ago on Rukky's pearl/lace necklace here
and decided to make mine in form of a bracelet... You could also use the same procedure in making a necklace as it's just the length that varies.
PS. this is also the same procedure used in making the ankara bead necklace, you can also go through that tutorial here


Lace.  (this is ombre but hey! it's what I've got! :-)

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Sew Along Update

So I’ve received quite a number of emails (not excluding comments 
on the blog),and it makes me happy not to mention excited to see a growing number of potential participants because honestly, i wasn’t quite sure how the whole idea would be received.
Now with this update, I intend to shed more light on the ‘what,when,how, and who’ of the Sew Along or as a reader called it, ‘The Sewathon!’ lol!

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

DIY Style: Biola Williams

So it's been a while since we've had this feature....I  know, I know, so now i'm redeeming myself with this post and hope you would also see the beauty and inspiration as do I, in this fashionista, accessories designer and DIY Diva that is, Biola |Williams. Biola is an accessories designer/tutor and the brains behind Tribal West Accessories (feel free to visit her website here for some eye candy :-) 

her fringe earrings and purse were made by her!

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Monday, 15 April 2013

Celebrity DIY Inspiration: Rukky Sanda

So I was seeing the movie, 'THE SEARCH' written and produced by Nollywood actress Rukky Sanda (not the reason i'm doing the DIY i.e that she wrote and produced the movie :-)  fellow actors including: Nse Ikpe Etim, Yemi Blaq, VanVicker, Susan Peters, and spotted the neckpiece worn by Rukky. I really hearted it and thought to do a DIY on it so i quickly grabbed my camera and snatched up a photo off the TV screen lol!

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How To Remove Ankara Fabric Labels

Hello you!
Now you might have some ankara fabrics in your possession, and would actually like to work with them (personally though, because if you were handing it over to a seamstress, peeling the label off would be her headache not yours :-) and this tutorial would be of no use to you!), but find peeling off the labels to be quite daunting as some ankara fabrics have not-so-easy-to-remove labels phew! So is why I've put up this tutorial, to make the 'task' easier.

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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sew Alongs Anyone?

Sew what if we are miles,cities, states, or even countries apart? Who says we cant be sewing buddies and have fun sewing together? *fingers on chin* Prior to creating this blog, people have contacted me on the subject of training sessions especially from other states, others have asked to post photos of work-in-process garments so they can follow through an after reading about Sewalongs over at I decided to 'pitch' the idea to you, and if you think it's cool, and you  love fabric, colour and fashion you could shoot me a mail over at and we would fix dates, fabric, garments to be made etc and when we are done, participants would send in photos of their finished garments... Note that, we could also have online DIY meet ups or what we'd rather call, DIY - alongs lol!

Reader DIY!

How I loooooooooooove posting reader DIYs! As I previously mentioned, I get so elated when I receive mails and photos of completed projects carried out by readers, I mean just knowing that they have been inspired by this blog to channel their inner creativity and actually make something makes me want to bring even more to the blog and banish every lazy/procrastinating bone in me! *grin*

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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Pin Tuck Detailling - The Diagonal Pintuck

     Pintucks make for very fine and interesting detailing; so here's a moderately easy and quick way to create  a diagonal pintuck. Know this, you can use pintucks in beautifying  your clothes, slim fit your blouses, shirts, dresses etc, throw pillows/cushions ans lots more!

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Blog Feature! - Ps I Made This, Matter Of Style, A Beautiful Mess.

Hello all! So in addition to writing, DIY-ing, designing and going about my daily activities (let's not forget work of course!) I like to discover new and exciting blogs,  but seeing that this is a DIY(lifestyle/sewing blog), I'll only share such blogs that I find :-)
I'll begin with two of my favourite blogs (I have mentioned them in previous posts though)
     The first is 'matter of style' by ALESSIA Di Fonsio and you can read her intensely creative blog at
She manages to ever so effortlessly, recreate runway looks and fashion trends in a very pocket friendly manner! She also writes a fashion column over at

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