Friday 25 April 2014

Fabric Friday IX

Hello! Miss me a lil? I sure did miss blogging but try as I may I just couldn't get past all the stuff I had on my plate.
It's another edition of Fabric Friday whoop! And today, I do have some variety. Let me know if you likey!

Wax - bijou wax






And a sneak peek of what became of the daviva lol! You need to have seen me at the daviva store, I was like a kid in a candy store! Cool stuff. And yes, I still have a phobia for photos :)

Wednesday 2 April 2014


Hiya! So I was....what was I doing again? Can't actually remember but a friend of mine with loads of time on her hands was playing with google and stumbled on these features of my blog. She called me up,told me about them, and naturally, I got excited and thought to share!
The first is from and the article was captioned: 

8 Awesome DIY Projects. From Black Fashion Bloggers

Find it here

And the second is from

Tuesday 1 April 2014

Sew Along Update - Finished Dress!

Top of the morning to you all! Hope you had a great night? So as I told you on my last sew along post, I'll be posting the frontal and back views of my finished clipper dress. Remember all that was left was fixing the zipper, underlining, and joining bodice to skirt right?

Notice I used a brooch in the last photo? You like?
talk to you guys shortly, have a productive day ahead!