Monday, 21 January 2013

Dress Inspiration - Sika Designs

Now, what attracted me to the label that is Sika Designs, is the vintage look Phillis Taylor (the label's founder) seems to imbibe into her creations using of course, African print. My two favorite things : Vintage, African Print :-) The dresses are made in Ghana (the designer is of a Ghanaian heritage) and is based in London.
The fist time i came across her collection, i was inspired to create a dress or two after hers, take a look!

Sika Dresses

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Joyful 2013!

Happy new year to you and an abundance of God's blessings!
It's been merriment and thanksgiving all round for being given the grace to experience 2013. It's truly a joy as not all were given this gift or opportunity, so we are truly grateful.
I want this post to serve three different purposes:

1. To wish each and everyone of you a blessed and fulfilling new year.
2. To thank each and everyone of you for being there and for clicking :-)
3.To share some of the things that would be seen on the blog - There'll be a new feature on the blog about my personal journey. I want this to serve as some sort of memoir which I can look back on in future as well as help to motivate others with similar interest and goals as I have. - More on this later anyway. 
There'll be more photos, reviews as well as interviews all bordering on DIY........
4.  To ask for your prayers that I'll blog more frequently this year! *grin*  (i'm serious)

hugs & love.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Unfinished Business - Rope Accessories from Holst+Lee,Pichulik,Proenza Schouler

So it's been a vast age! :-) and I'm really sorry about that plus you really have to forgive my absence on the blog. It's been a crazy period really - all the clients, all the work, time shortage etc I could only kick the wall for not being a super blogger/time manager or else I would have been able to blog despite all the challenges *grin* 
Now, this was meant to be a 2012 post after my Holst+Lee, Pichulik, Proenza lust :-) which you can see from a previous post  here so I decided to upload this post before I even dare make a new year post!

I got my tools ready (as usual), and decided beforehand just to go with the flow and not make an exact replica of the pieces I shared with you earlier. As a fallout of this decision of mine, I made a headband, two different bangles, neckpieces and a belt all inspired by the brands I just named. However, I'll be sharing just  2 neckpieces and a bangle today and the others in a later post. Enjoy!
more on the other side