Tuesday 26 March 2013

Edited: How to create an elastic band

Hello there! Hope you had a well spent weekend? I know I did! First of all, i'm trying out this mobile blogging thingy so pardon me if i make any blunders ok? this would be my first mobile blogging attempt lol!hope i nail it :-)
So today I'm doing a post to help you in inserting an elastic band on that skirt/trouser/knickers  etc but before that…..
The fabric came in  a yard and forty inches (I don't do metres, I do yards J) which I got at a 'normal' fabric store! When I say normal in quote, I mean in a fabric store where tweed, suede, cotton etc are sold, and then this Ankara number was in the midst of them! This doesn't happen usually especially Inthis part of Nigeria/Africa, you only find Ankara where other Ankara/kente/adire etc fabrics are sold. I snatched it up immediately as I hadn't come across that kind of print previously.  The name of the print is 'WADATA WAX' never heard of that name! mystery print lol! I love that it's got different hues though, from blue to green, to mustard….. nowback to the 'gist' of the day… 'How we can insert or create an elastic band on our skirts eh?
Please follow the photos, and I'll be glad to help should you encounter any hiccups. 

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Wednesday 13 March 2013

DIY: How To Make A Fabric Bead Necklace

Hello all! So this is a quick, lightning speed post  bothering on how to make an ankara bead necklace! I happen to have receive tons of requests on this and so I just had to make it/post it. However there is a little er 'twist' :-) Due to time constraint I made the necklace and documented the steps about half way through, and took a photo of a completed necklace I had previously made as I haven't completed the DIY piece even as I type! But not to worry, I chose a sample photo of Ituen Bassey's which you can look at with regards to finishing off the necklace before I make a post - post (lol!)on finishing off the necklace (you can call it a do/sew/make - along , whatever really! *grin*) together. Come to think of it, that isn't a bad idea, we should plan that, could be so much fun!

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Sewing Thread and fabric strips, wide enough to accommodate your beads.

Sewing Needle


Fold your fabric strip in two,

Check for proper fit by placing your bead atop your fabric, you don't want it to be too small or too big when you are done stitching the fabric together. Then stitch together.

Now this step is optional. you may use this procedure of making an 'anchor' or just insert the beads one after the other, into the sewn fabric.
(Attach a piece of fabric to the knotted end of your sewing needle/thread. This would prevent your beads from moving.)

pass the needle through each bead, tie some thread around it, then move on to the next bead.....and the next bead, and the next bead.....and.......so on.....

this is what we would later arrive at only here, I made use of black thread as against the yellow used in this tutorial. you can also experiment with gold threads, silver threads, etc

that's all folks! do have a productive week ahead!

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Tuesday 12 March 2013

Steal The Real: Stockholm Street Style Statement Neckpiece

Hello people! So yesterday I made a post on the Stockholm Street Style neckpiece, and as a follow up to that post, here is my version of it (on a mannequin as usual, somehow I dread having my photos taken! who knows? I just might get over that phobia soon lol!) anyways, here t'is:

..made some little changes 'cos I midway into it, I found that I didn't get quite enough beads! phew!

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Monday 11 March 2013

Steal The Real - Stockholm Street Style Statement Neck piece 1

 'Fashion Is Not A Matter of Money' I came across this quote on the blog 'Lexie's closet' and couldn't help but agreeing. Only, I would say rather, that 'style is not a matter of money'. 
Now It's been ages since I made a 'steal the real' post, just one infact! lol! anyways, I've had this photo since mid last year, hoping to 'steal' it some time but finally did that recently and thought to post, however, i'm only introducing this and would send a photo of the finished piece in my next post so don't forget to check back! *grin*

Sunday 10 March 2013

How To Make A Bias Trimming/Tape

Hello all! and Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mothers 

out there! 

Now I was working on a particular piece recently and thought to 

save snippets of my work, and make mini-tutorials as I go along. I 

work with bias all the time i.e i cut fabrics on the bias to create 

certain silhouettes, i make bias trimmings/tapes with different 

fabrics as against buying (custom bias tapes add a certain sense of 

uniqueness to an outfit as you can make use of any colour and type 

of fabric you are working with :-) 

Anyways, to the business of the day! I'll first introduce what a bias

trimming is before making it with you. A bias trimming is a narrow

 strip of fabric, cut on the bias of a fabric, although I illustrated this

 in the ankara bangle series, I would illustrate it again here.The bias 

is found at 45 degrees to the straight grain of the fabric, and is also

 called the 'cross grain'.  

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Reader DIY!

It really gives me great joy to receive emails from readers of this blog, and even more so when they say that they have been inspired by the tutorials shown here, to create or make something, that absolutely makes my day! Today I'll be sharing DIYs by two readers, Bukola and Ogaga. They really are something! Bukola made her lovely ankara dress along with matching ankara bangles and earrings, while Ogaga made some lovely neck pieces!



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please pardon picture quality....thanks.

Bukola's accessories

Bukola's dress

                                   Ogaga's neckpiece

Ogaga's neckpiece

Ogaga's neckpiece

aren't these brilliant? 

that's all folks, thanks for stopping by!

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