Monday, 3 February 2014

Clipper Dress Sew Along: #Sewing The Front Bodice


So finally, we get to delve into making our clipper dress which I announced much earlier. It's a Monday morning (wee hours I must add), so I'll just go straight to the point as time is such a luxury for me!
I documented the process with a red plain fabric for ease of understanding even though I used a not so good camera phew!
Here goes!

You then mark out your shoulders(mine's 14), as well as neckline. I used a neckline width of 3" and depth of 8".

Now the next step would be to create your bust pleats. 
 I made  4" away from my centerfold, and one inch a part. For length, end of bodice to underbust. Nite that you can also make use of gather stitches, it's all about accentuating the bust line. Sew...

So that's it for illustrations of the front bodice, I'll post actual fabrics of my fabric and actual bodice before uploading the back bodice post. Comments, questions, you're welcome!

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