Friday, 31 January 2014

Fabric Friday V

Hello you!!!
I trust that you've been ok, you've got to be for sure! It's the last day of January, and we made it right? Now I wasn't able to make last week's fabric post  or even begin the sew along post , 
why though? Well, I'm tired of giving explanations, reasons, justifications cos well, you know, life happens - with its demands of course. 
So as you must be well aware of the computer virus issue I has earlier, I'm trying to compose the posts I lost as well as new ones. First off, let's see what fabrics I 'acquired' recently lol! My fabric obsession is reaching an all time high!

I actually got this black/white chiffon with a knot wrapper/ top in mind, I kinda like it in monochrome and then accessorised with oh so bright jewelry/accessories

Chinos in jade.....cropped pants...blazer maybe,  you'll know what I end up doing with this :-)

                                      This is soooo girly and cute!

This a jersey fabric in Jade. Hope you can 'see' the texture, I just had to zoom in so you'd see!

I just love to play around with colours, textures, prints.... Often times I get inspiration for garments, just by placing fabrics side by side or individually....the beauty of it all is that, at first some fabrics just look odd together but after they've been made?, OMG totally different story altogether!

                            That's all folks! See you on the next post, have a good night!

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