Sunday, 5 January 2014

Tube Top Tutorial with Fusible Bust pad - II

Hello folks and happy new year! Did you have fun new year's eve? I know I did. Now I'm actually looking forward to my holidays. It's been work,work,and more work for me :-) I need it! anyways, let me quickly upload this post before I bore you to tears lol!  -  here's a continuation of our tube top  tutorial.
Now, after you must have cut out your lace fabric, and underlining, you layer it like so.
Lace and underlining1.

I made a notch in the middle.
Note that you can do a sweetheart neckline or any other neckline you want, there are no rules ok? Although you can't do like a boat neckline of course.. You catch my drift?

Cut out a rectangular piece for the straps.the length though, would depend on 
Your measurement I.e the distance between your shoulder and the point where you'd like your strap to end.
Disregard the blue undercloth that's my table cloth. *grin*

Pin in place.

Here's what it looks like when viewed from underneath, lining and all!

Sew your straps to the blouse....


shade said...

happy new year! it's good to have you back.

Amy said...

hi Onnari,nice work u have been doing.been following your blog for a while now.please can u do a tutorial on how to sew lace on a fabric?especially one wit d bustier cut.thanks

Onnari Osemene said...

@amy I don't understand ur request.... U mean like an underlining?