Friday, 7 February 2014

Reader Tutorial - Statement Neckpiece

So I got a mail from a reader/subscriber of this blog' called Omonike requesting me to do a tutorial on another subscriber's neck piece (Ogaga) from the 'Reader DIY' post sometime last year. I then got in touch with Ogaga to have her grace us with a tutorial of her lovely neck piece and she did! Well, I'll post it so you 'read from the horse's mouth' lol! Have fun!



1. Cut the felt to the shape you want, in this case, triangular.
2. Cut thin strips of the fabric in equal lengths and knot at each end.
3.twist the strips in a circular manner around itself to get a rose-like pattern. Apply drops of glue to hold in place
4. Glue a bead on top of each rose.
5. Arrange the roses on the felt, when you see how good it looks, take them down and apply glue to each of them and paste
6. And voila! you have your neckpiece!

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Anonymous said...

A big tnks to Ogaga and Onnari,God bless u both,can't wait to try it asap.

Anonymous said...

Pls what do u mean by FELT and aw can we get it? Is there any popular name 4 it?. Lastly pls what is d needle and thread used for? Tnks

Anonymous said...

Pls wot do u mean by a felt? Where can I get it? Is there any oda common name for it? Thanks

Onnari Osemene said...

Felt is a kind of fabric,'s used for hats, etc. It varies in thickness. If you can't find it, look for any fabric or pad which you can make into a base for your Neckpiece.

You can use the needle and thread to attach your beads if you aren't going to glue 'em, or to sew together the end of your fabric strips.

Desola Audrey Kemi Mako said...

Yayyy!!!Love your blog! Nice tutorial!
(now running to try this out)

Wanna follow one another? Let me know

Onnari Osemene said...

Aww thanks dear! Sure