Sunday, 16 February 2014

Clipper Dress Sew Along - Sewing The skirt

So, as I promised earlier, I'm supposed to post actual pics if the front and bodice blocks with my own fabric (as you know, I used a plain red fabric in the last post for illustration purposes).

Front Bodice.

Back Bodice

Before I forget, I'm adding a band to the from of my dress, so here's what my front bodice looked like before I joined the band to it.

Now, for the skirt block of the dress...

Take your fabric and cut a rectangular piece (you can also cut a flare, it depends on you). For my kissing pleat allowance, I used 10" for each pleat I.e 5" from the center of the pleat. So what you do is, just add your pleat allowance to your waist circumference. Don't worry about the hips cos that'll  be covered by the pleats.
Here's an illustration, showing how you make a kissing pleat muah! Lol, couldn't stop myself from doing that.

And here's what I arrived at!

And the back view of the skirt block....

So what you do is, sew up the sides (I used an inch and a half seam allowance), and next, we tackle the lapel!


Alyss said...

You make it seem so simple. Time may not permit me to sew along but I'm definitely bookmarking this for later. Love love love your choice of fabric, gorgeous.

Onnari Osemene said...

It actually is easy! Thanks I think it's pretty too!