Monday, 24 February 2014

DIY - Fabric Notepad II

So as you know already, I did a fabric covered notepad when I newly began this blog, check on it Here, for those teeny weeny details I didn't include in this post.When it comes down to it, it's basically the same thing though, major difference is, it's for a snapper with which you can close the book with sorta like a diary oh plus I used fabric stay here so that the fabric cover is thicker. Trust me, you'll love it!


What you'll need:
Velcro snappers

Measure out the length and width of your fabric by placing your notepad on top of your fabric or by using a measuring tape.
Cover it in fabric stay. (Here I used scraps of fabric stay from making clothes! I don't throw the lil pieces away as they always come in handy)

Specify where one part of your Velcro would be placed also by placing your notepad on your fabric, pin in place, sew.

Cut a separate piece of fabric so you can place the second part of your Velcro on.

Also mark it's right place by placing your notepad over the main piece of fabric which would cover your notepad. Sew as well.

Apply glue to the inner and outer layers of the notepad.

Place the first inner page over the fabric and glue in place.

Soon as you're done 'tieing up loose ends', snap in place or open up and write!

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