Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sew Alongs Anyone?

Sew what if we are miles,cities, states, or even countries apart? Who says we cant be sewing buddies and have fun sewing together? *fingers on chin* Prior to creating this blog, people have contacted me on the subject of training sessions especially from other states, others have asked to post photos of work-in-process garments so they can follow through an after reading about Sewalongs over at I decided to 'pitch' the idea to you, and if you think it's cool, and you  love fabric, colour and fashion you could shoot me a mail over at and we would fix dates, fabric, garments to be made etc and when we are done, participants would send in photos of their finished garments... Note that, we could also have online DIY meet ups or what we'd rather call, DIY - alongs lol!
feeling the adrenalin already -this is soo exciting! NOTE that apart from sewing enthusiasts, first timers are also welcome aboard as we would begin with simple pieces of clothing so every one gets something worthwhile in the end. 
Just in case you wondering what a sew along is, here it is in Tasia's own words:

'You may be wondering, what’s a sew-along?

A Sew-Along is like a long-distance sewing meet-up. Like when two friends who live in different cities go see the same movie separately together, and then call each other to talk about it afterwards. It’s like that, but for sewing!
We all pick a pattern and fabric, and then I’ll post step-by-step photos of the sewing instructions. We’ll sew a little bit every day or so, and the posts will be there in case you work at a more relaxed pace. You can ask me questions along the way if you get stuck, and when it’s all done we each have a pretty, finished garment! The great part is that there’s a whole bunch of us doing it together. Ten (or twenty or thirty) sewing minds are better than one!'

So there you have it!


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lisa said...

i'd love to participate! what's the procedure? i live in the UK but this sounds like fun as i sew as a hobby

miss thang said...

brilliant! could we make an ankara piece for starters? a skirt, maybe a dress? though nothing complicated

Anonymous said...

I really love this idea onnari,been talking to my friends about it for a while and they Are not yielding,am so glad its happening @last.I ll mail u asap.

Abiola said...

Count me in!

Been tinkering with the idea for a long time; good thing you are inspired to start this.

Sarah said...

Where have you been........... Oh my gosh!!!!! Super duper excited. I live in the US and I have a problem with the patterns.