Friday, 19 April 2013

Celebrity Inspired DIY - Rukky Sanda

So I made a pre-post a few days ago on Rukky's pearl/lace necklace here
and decided to make mine in form of a bracelet... You could also use the same procedure in making a necklace as it's just the length that varies.
PS. this is also the same procedure used in making the ankara bead necklace, you can also go through that tutorial here


Lace.  (this is ombre but hey! it's what I've got! :-)

more on the other side...

 faux pearls

hand needle, matching thread


cut a strip of lace wide enough to accommodate you beads after sewing the ends together

pass your needle through the fabric (this is easier than cotton fabrics like the ankara as the lace is soft and has got elastane), and make a knot after each bead.

and here is my finished bracelet! but of course you could lengthen yours so you have a necklace instead.

That's all folks!

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