Monday, 15 April 2013

How To Remove Ankara Fabric Labels

Hello you!
Now you might have some ankara fabrics in your possession, and would actually like to work with them (personally though, because if you were handing it over to a seamstress, peeling the label off would be her headache not yours :-) and this tutorial would be of no use to you!), but find peeling off the labels to be quite daunting as some ankara fabrics have not-so-easy-to-remove labels phew! So is why I've put up this tutorial, to make the 'task' easier.

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The fabric i'm using today, is a Ghana wax - ATL i.e. Akosombo Textiles Limited. cute eh? :-)

Flip the fabric over, sprinkle some water on the reverse side of the fabric where the label has been placed...

 place your pressing iron atop the wet area... not too hot though! we don't want to burn our fabric to a crisp or worse! just apply medium heat.

peel off, it should come off easily.

same applies for the side labels, although you could just peel off without an iron or even water it all depends on the amount of glue that has been used to secure the labels.

here, i placed the peeled off label back on the fabric, heehee :-)

that's all folks!


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Queen Ododo said...

kerosene works best for me because that fabric area doesn't get sticky, but that's for those who don't mind the smell of kerosene

Onnari Osemene said...

Really? Me too, I'll mind the smell of kerosene in my fabrics!

Anonymous said...

I normally do this with water.

Fabrics USA Inc said...

Wow very easy way to remove the labels.