Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Sew Along Update

So I’ve received quite a number of emails (not excluding comments 
on the blog),and it makes me happy not to mention excited to see a growing number of potential participants because honestly, i wasn’t quite sure how the whole idea would be received.
Now with this update, I intend to shed more light on the ‘what,when,how, and who’ of the Sew Along or as a reader called it, ‘The Sewathon!’ lol!

more on the other side....


1.        A piece would be chosen after being generally agreed upon i.e. we might have to use a majority vote type of thing.
2.        Fabrics and necessary notions would be specified
3.        A detailed schedule would be published for easy reference
4.         Posts would be brief to avoid overloads
5.        Photos/links of participants’ fabrics as well as work –in-process and finished  projects would be published
6.        Myself as well other participants would be on hand to assist whoever gets ‘stuck’


1.        A date hasn’t been fixed as this would also be generally agreed upon, however as soon as entries have been organized, the date would be announced a week before.


Wherever you choose! As it would be an online meet up.


So far I’ve gotten requests for Ankara dresses and skirts, so if you 

have a particular piece in mind, fell free to drop a line/photo as we 

aren’t using a pattern (buying or mailing patterns here in Naija isn’t 

a walk in the park!) So go through your favourite designers ( Jewel 

By Lisa has been brought up more than once), and mail me your 

requests so we can reach a conclusion! As you already know, a 

photograph would need to be posted of our intended project.



Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced ‘sewers’ – whether you sew for a living or just for fun, you’re welcome, this is just a fun experienceJ

That’s all folks, and happy choosing!



twitter: @thatssewnaija