Sunday, 14 April 2013

Reader DIY!

How I loooooooooooove posting reader DIYs! As I previously mentioned, I get so elated when I receive mails and photos of completed projects carried out by readers, I mean just knowing that they have been inspired by this blog to channel their inner creativity and actually make something makes me want to bring even more to the blog and banish every lazy/procrastinating bone in me! *grin*

more on the other side
So today, i'll be sharing three (3) reader DIYs by Folake, Olivia and Evercelebrity (forgive me, this was the name the mail was sent with :-)

Here's Folake's: an embellished ankara bangle

.. a smaller bangle with earrings

Here's Olivia's: A clutch, bangle, and earrings.

and finally, Evercelebrity: a button bib neckpiece

it's amazing how much talent is out there, how much creativity we've got within us and may not even be aware of it...


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