Monday, 10 March 2014

Sew Along Update.

Why do I feel like a student coming in late to class, walking face down as she searches for a seat?? Hmm,..... Ok so had a lil I'm back.... and also somewhere in between getting settled and tydying up work issues, I managed to get some of my guilty pleasures...FaBRICS! Would be sharing those with you Fabric Friday although I also got some new stock for TSN fabric Storeso be sure to kelp checking there as I'll upload anytime now. You might be wondering, would I ever get to sew all these fabrics and would you ever get to see my creations eh? Well you'll have to keep those fingers crossed cos I got surprises for ya!
Now, in my last sew along post I concluded with the skirt and that means we tackle the lapel next yeah?
- You spread out your bodice (you ought to have joined front bodice to back bodice at this point), measure center to center.

 Next you cut out the desired shape of your lapel like that on the dress, or any shape you'd prefer (ensure it works with the dress though) and leave a bit to make a tie with.
That lil notch marks the point where the shoulder point is I.e where the front and back necklines meet.

Cut three more pieces, I.e four pieces in all, two of which will be the main lapels and the other two, the interfacings.

Pair up and pin in place.


And voila! Your lapels ready to be inserted into the neckline!

Here's what mine looked like. I held the sides so you don't get confused, no can't allow that! As you can see, I haven't sewn my armholes yet *smug grin*

Don't mind the brooch you seem I won't be doing the tie thingy s o I opted for a brooch...

Here I raised the lapel so you see what goes on underneath!

So on the next and final post on this dress which has taken ages already, I'll be posting frontal and back views . In the main time all that's left is to tidy up the armholes, join the bodice to the skirt, hem, insert zipper.
(I didn't use a belt at the back of my dress)
Giant hugs,


Nkem said...

What of the back lets see the picture

Onnari Osemene said...

You'll get to see it in the next and final post. Made urs already?

chidinma obinnakwelu said...

wow this is amazing. Please can you teach how to use measurements to cut out patterns?