Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Unfinished Business - Rope Accessories from Holst+Lee,Pichulik,Proenza Schouler

So it's been a vast age! :-) and I'm really sorry about that plus you really have to forgive my absence on the blog. It's been a crazy period really - all the clients, all the work, time shortage etc I could only kick the wall for not being a super blogger/time manager or else I would have been able to blog despite all the challenges *grin* 
Now, this was meant to be a 2012 post after my Holst+Lee, Pichulik, Proenza lust :-) which you can see from a previous post  here so I decided to upload this post before I even dare make a new year post!

I got my tools ready (as usual), and decided beforehand just to go with the flow and not make an exact replica of the pieces I shared with you earlier. As a fallout of this decision of mine, I made a headband, two different bangles, neckpieces and a belt all inspired by the brands I just named. However, I'll be sharing just  2 neckpieces and a bangle today and the others in a later post. Enjoy!
more on the other side

The What.

 Some Rope ( I used shopping bag rope)

Coloured yarn

Matching beads

The How.  
for the bangle, cut out your desired length of rope, sew ends together with a hand needle.

apply some glue to the portion you want covered in yarn, wrap around in the colours you want, finish off by placing a bead of glue on the yarn to seal it and only cut off the excess after the glue has dried off.

(i thought to add some bugle beads)

for the neckpiece, i decided to use this pattern, stitching up the yarn in an up-down movement to look like waves.

apply coloured yarn in same manner as on bangle, insert beads..

and here's what you'll have

That's all folks!



Anonymous said...

Really nice tutorial:-)..please where can I get the kind of yarn you used?

Anonymous said...

Really nice tutorial:-)..please where can I get the kind of yarn you used?

Onnari Osemene said...

It's knitting wool, u can check around places where baby things are sold or hair stuff - people braid thief hair with yarn.