Monday, 21 January 2013

Dress Inspiration - Sika Designs

Now, what attracted me to the label that is Sika Designs, is the vintage look Phillis Taylor (the label's founder) seems to imbibe into her creations using of course, African print. My two favorite things : Vintage, African Print :-) The dresses are made in Ghana (the designer is of a Ghanaian heritage) and is based in London.
The fist time i came across her collection, i was inspired to create a dress or two after hers, take a look!

Sika Dresses

 My interpretation...

 This I made as a hybrid of a Sika dress and a trench coat, you like? I do! 


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please follooooooow! :-)


Berry Choco Latte said...


Erm, when are you asking a near and dear friend or family member to buy you a new camera? *hides*

Anonymous said...

Just not very clear. Like I feel like I'm missing some details.

Onnari Osemene said...

Noted. These wr taken randomly bout 2 years ago. Never had 'blog sharing' on my mind! Thanx lots guys.