Sunday, 20 January 2013

DIY Ankara Embellishment - Bring on the Bling!

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Is the title of this post misleading? I hope not .... ok i think it is to some extent because I didn't post the steps in the embellishment process as it reads :-( 
So I got this print a while ago... it is called 'Amina Wax' I love the prints produced by this company as they do a lot of Vlisco prints so I get the best of both worlds - Vlisco prints but at a more reasonable price *wink*

I opted to do an embellished jacket..sadly I didn't know I would do an actual post on this so i only have one photo showing the work - in- process of the jacket. To embellish it, i made use of mainly bugle beads and sequins, no seed beads here!

played with the colour contrast a bit ..

that's all folks!


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Anonymous said...

Very nice.I love this

nenye said...

Where can I get d amina wax and like for what price? I know that's too much to ask but I'll really appreciate if u tell me. Thanks.

Onnari Osemene said...

It isn't private info lol! Ask any ankara retailer, 6yards normally go for between 2300naira and 2800naira depending on where you getting from.
Also look out for Sika wax,Binta wax....they all have the same look and feel.