Sunday, 18 November 2012

So...What's In a Name?

So I decided to tag this post the way I did because I am having a bit of a name 'dilemma' at the moment and thought to write about it and seek you opinion on it as I wouldn't want to go it alone :-)
Now it all began with a thread (That's Sew Naija)I created on a popular Nigerian forum
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When registering i decided to use an acronym of my names and that's how I came up with the name 'onnari'. Progressively, I decided to finally create the blog I've procrastinating about for aeons and so, I thought to retain the username I registered with on Nairaland so that it would be easy for the followers of my thread to recognize me on my blog -now, the surname (kanayo) I just picked randomly as google would'nt let me use a single name. All these reasons plus the thrill of writing under a 'nom de plume' led to the name you have come to know as 'onnari kanayo'. However, with some recent 'happenings' (i'll let the cat out of the bag soon) I have come to realize that I would have to use my real last name (Osemene )while retaining my acronym (onnari) on this blog. I just wanted to share this  because I feel your views/inputs/suggestions are important to me, as well not to create any confusion :-)
Thanks and keep visiting my blog as I have cool stuff lined up for you!

...the thot of not 'hiding' under an alias :( missing that already! lol!



Ghanaian Emprezz said...

You've got a new reader here. I'll be visiting for tips.

Onnari Osemene said...

thanx a mill dear!

Eya said...

LOL! we got the same issue. I started blogging as Joy Ojay and people got used to it before I decided to go with my official name ( It so felt like losing my alias). I had to write a post just like you have done and it wasn't easy but right now they are beginning to call me by the new and most appropriate name. Nice blog, I am going to follow.

Onnari Osemene said...

@eya - really? wow! loosing my 'alias entitlement' did sting a bit :) would check out ur blog and follow back, thanks for stopping by!