Wednesday, 28 November 2012

DIY - How To Turn An Earring Into A Brooch

Hello guys! Had such a looooong and tiring day but it does feel good to be here after it all. Tonight i'll be sharing a quick and easy DIY I created over the weekend, (hope i don't fall asleep while posting, lol!) 
So I got this neck piece along with a pair earrings some two weeks back and looking at the earrings, for some reason I decided I wasn't going to wear them but turn them into brooches (please don't ask me why! :-))

more on the other side...

 ...the neckpiece

..the earring

What you'll need:

Safety Pin



I opened up the earring, the metal was really flexible.

Spread some glue on the reverse side

 place the safety pin on the glued part, gently

 place some more glue on the top i.e the surface

carefully apply your studs atop the glue covering the entire surface...

and you should have something like this:

that's all folks!


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fifi constance said...

Nne done did it again ! I always leave feeling good !

Onnari Osemene said...

Thnx lots Fifi, just realizing the multiple uploads for d glue!internet connection was so crazy-wld fix d@. Jeez,so embarrassing!

man_eater said...

U keep outdoing urself with every post. Lol

Onnari Osemene said...

Aww! Thx dear man-eater! *grinning*

Anonymous said...

Hello dear,u're gd @ wat u up d gd wrk & thnx a lot. Wishing u d best.