Sunday, 16 September 2012

Making Trends Work For You

Welcome to a new feature on this blog! – TSN Nugget: its all about say, 3 to…..8 lines? Or not,  of helpful useful tips and tricks we can use to add last minute touches, creative tweaking ideas and so on, to our clothing, home, etc so watch this space!

      Combining style/fabric/trends in a flattering way requires skillful use of design elements such as line(silhouette),detail/texture and colour.
As three basic influences on our decisions are current trends, - ourselves, trends, other people, the trick is to play those influences together.

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For example, the goth look  is on trend , but shouldn't mean u go all raccoon eyed and rock black from head to toe! You could play it out with some black velvet accents on your ensemble/in your accessories, or inject some black leather here and there etc. Not to worry though, subsequently, we are gong to put all of this into practice together and just have fun with all the new trends!


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