Saturday, 1 September 2012

Fringe Benefits

Hello all! Been off the blogging grid for a couple of days, but I must thank you for your comments and emails, I really appreciate them. Today I'll be sharing a DIY tutorial on a fringe neck piece. I looooove quirky neck pieces so when I stumbled on some pictures online showing fringe neck pieces I knew I had to make one!
However, I decided to make do with yarn, i.e knitting wool for this project as I hadn't yet found any fringe trimming (I did hunt though and luckily found some today so I'll be doing a follow up post with actual fringe trimmings subsequently *grin*).

You would need:
1. A pair of scissors
2. Required length of chain
3. Beads
4. Needle and thread
5. Wool yarn
6. Hooks and jump ropes to fasten the neck piece when you are done.

You attach required lengths of yarn to the chain like so:-
And keep at it till you decide where you want the yarn to end. Also sew along the length of the chain with the yarn ti give it a finished look. After you are done,you insert individual beads to jazz it up like so :-

It does look like red colouring on a sheet of white paper right? Don't answer that, that was just me thinking out loud.. So finish off by inserting your hook at the ends of the chain, and here is what you'll have:

...and on a mustard tank and ankara skirt...
 Not to worry if you cannot see the ankara skirt. You'll get an eye full in the follow up of this tutorial.
And finally, a look at some of the fringe trimmings I found yesterday during my hunt...



The Real Fashion Guru said...

Your so creative. Love your DYI's. visit me @


Anonymous said...

Nice work!

Matter Of Style said...

such a statement piece! Very nice! :D

Onnari Kanayo said...

@ chancelle- thanx lots! Visited ur blog. Awesome! Would follow.
@ Inez- I'm glad u liked d post. Visited ur blog as well. Cool stuff. Wld follow as well :-)
@ Matter of style - it's so nice to have you comment! Ur one of my favourites I look up to. Rily admire ur DIYs. Do visit again!

Twynkle Loves said...

Great shirt styling idea.

TL. Xx

Onnari Kanayo said...

yeah tis!

Ciaa said...

Wow I have to try to make this . Nice DIY

Onnari Kanayo said...

that would be fun! be sure to share photos

Anonymous said...

One word... Great

nenye said...

Is it better to use silk yarn or wool yarn?

Onnari Osemene said...

Wool yarn. If you've got fringe, you can use that also.

kakang kokong said...

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