Monday, 10 September 2012

Charmed In Seconds!!!

Today being Sunday, I kind of had some ‘free time’ to myself after church so I decided to de - clutter my closet and re – organise it. I came across two pairs of ear-rings I have never worn, and I mean NEVER, plus a pendant I haven't worn in a looooooong time so I decided to keep them aside to create something I would appreciate wearing, and soon too! So that birthed yet another DIY J

<< please excuse the pictures, took them at nightfall L >>

 for some reason, i did not quite like the way the camera flash reflected off the jewelry stand and decided to cover it with some fabric.

 Here’s what you'll need:

2 pairs of earrings and a pendant-
 (and thats my camera shadow lol!)
 jewelry pliers-

a pair of  scissors-

a chain

 I seem to have run out of jump rings, and so I had to make those out of the earring handles. (don't laugh, desperate times call for desperate measures)

this is what the emergency jump rings looked like

so with the jump rings, you attach the earrings and pendant (you can experiment with different arrangements too) along the chain and there you have a 'charm necklace' :-)
See? totally charmed in a matter of seconds!


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