Thursday, 26 December 2013

Tube Top Tutorial

Compliments of the season guys! Hope you're enjoying the holidays? Well, I can't really say that I am because I'm still working *sad face* Anyways, I'll skip all the talk and get right to the business of the day.
So today I'll be showing you how you can create a 'bust cup' for your tube dresses,tops, African wrapper blouses and so on! Note though, that you can also merge this technique with the same technique used in making Princess seams as seen here when you want to make dresses, blouses, etc.
For those of you who don't have  the slightest, of what I'm gibbering about, I'll show you a photo :-)


Get your bust measurement. Lets use a bust measurement of 34.
Little arithmetic(a must if you're a serious sewer)
34/2= 17
Now we all know that we ladies have got bigger chests than backs right? So we most definitely cannot have our back and front bodices cut equally when making tube tops. Normally, I use a 3 to 5 inch difference, it all depends on the lady's body type.
Here we'll be using a ratio of 19:15 for the back: front bust measurement.
Now add your dart and seam allowances to your 19"(I got 28"as my princess darts are 2" wide and seam allowances are 1.5"each in the sides and 1" each in joining the bust cup seams.
This is the width of your fabric. This calculation is necessary to avoid waste of fabric.
Fold in two.

The 2" gap in between is the princess dart.

The first and second horizontal lines are the apex and underbust points respectively...

(Remember to take your apex -to apex measurement)

Cut out at the markings.

Place your fusible fabric stay on your centre and side pieces,join together placing accordingly,and then sew the pieces together. When you're done, iron your seams neatly and voila! There you have it. Notice the 'cup' effect you now see from the photo?that's going to house the 'ladies' :-)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Onnari,I'm esther.been folloowing ur blog since early this year.I have so much awaited this tutorial cos I'm married to an ibo guy and can't do without the traditional blouse.its kinda unfortunate that the images for the tutorials are not showing on my BB and ipad.I'd appreciate if u can pls repost or send to my mail addy.(

Anonymous said...

Hello, I really love your blog as I have learnt a lot. I just wanted to find out how you achieved that cut just above the apex as I do not understand that part... Thanks in advance

Onnari Osemene said...

@esther, have you tried again? Do let me know so I can mail them to you.
@anon (please try to share your name next time :-)
Sorry about that, the gap is 3" wide. So you can mark your centre and then from that centre point, mark out an inch and a half with your tape rule I.e one and a half inch on both sides would give you your 3".

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, I quite understand now. Lola

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, I do get it now. Lola

Onnari Osemene said...

Note that the centre piece at the top was 4" wide (on the fold) so mark 3" further to get your gap. Hope that helps.

Uju Lilian Ikegbune said...

you are such a genius at what you do, i have been following your blog. tanx for the sew lessons.

Erny said...

Great work dear. I am new here and i have fallen in love with your blog already. i have a favour to ask you. can you please teach me how to make a collar jacket with the princess line/darts? please

Onnari Osemene said...

@ Erne- a jacket as a whole or the collars and darts?

Alok Tiwari said...

great and very nice long tube tops dresses
thank you for sharing your experience and steps you shared with us

Anonymous said...

lovely stuff u r upto. pls i need ur help i dint know why i always have a bulge at the center back of my bodies especially with the zip. can u help! ....keep up the goo work.

Anonymous said...

Always finding it difficult to cut dis tube tops could u pls explain in details more dn dis as I am finding dis explanation difficult kinda I ll really appreciate that.

Anonymous said...

This would have been a good tutorial..truth is, it's really confusing most especially to a detailed oriented person.