Thursday, 22 August 2013

How To Decorate Your Space With Corn Tassels

 Hello! So I did mention some time ago about guest writing for the online magazine Bellanaija? Well here's the DIY project I put together for my last article. 

What you'll need:
1. Corn tassels
2. Dye
3. Water
4. Bucket
5. Wooden stick for mixing the dye.

1. Mix the dye in water 
2. Dip the tassels into the dye mixture for about three minutes
3. Spread out to dry.
And then you place your tassels in a vase or jar and grace your space with it! here I also added some peacock feathers into the mix. 
Have fun with it and remember to send in photos when you do as well as subscribe for TSN blog updates and freebies!


shade said...

Yea I saw your post on Bella Naija. This tutorial is really helpful. Never knew it was this easy. Thank God corn harvest is around the corner. I will try it out. ThanK you.

Onnari Osemene said...

Yes it is dear- do send photos when you do!

EmmyK said...

Lol... Really cool stuffs here...
I'm overwhelmed by ur blog... I have a flair for DIY, seen so much on
Really U stirred me up unto cool stuffs
U r my newest buddy. Followed U from BN

milecar said...
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uchenna Ezeonyeka said...

very beautiful