Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Edited: How to create an elastic band

Hello there! Hope you had a well spent weekend? I know I did! First of all, i'm trying out this mobile blogging thingy so pardon me if i make any blunders ok? this would be my first mobile blogging attempt lol!hope i nail it :-)
So today I'm doing a post to help you in inserting an elastic band on that skirt/trouser/knickers  etc but before that…..
The fabric came in  a yard and forty inches (I don't do metres, I do yards J) which I got at a 'normal' fabric store! When I say normal in quote, I mean in a fabric store where tweed, suede, cotton etc are sold, and then this Ankara number was in the midst of them! This doesn't happen usually especially Inthis part of Nigeria/Africa, you only find Ankara where other Ankara/kente/adire etc fabrics are sold. I snatched it up immediately as I hadn't come across that kind of print previously.  The name of the print is 'WADATA WAX' never heard of that name! mystery print lol! I love that it's got different hues though, from blue to green, to mustard….. nowback to the 'gist' of the day… 'How we can insert or create an elastic band on our skirts eh?
Please follow the photos, and I'll be glad to help should you encounter any hiccups. 

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Onnari Osemene said...
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Onnari Osemene said...

Sorry guys, couldn't find a way to 'break' the post or even add labels :-) plus ignore the name 'Ontario' it 's still Onnari. Silly typo. I don't think mobile blogging likes me:-)

Berry Choco Latte said...

LOVE the skirt!

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy don't you want to make something for meeeeeeeeeeeee? Don't worry, I'll pay for it,, but pretty pleeeeeeeeease :(


Debbie said...

Onna baby, tho I don't comment always I love coming here. Loads to learn from U. Have paused my DIY sewing for now coz of the wild butterflies in there,hehe.
Am presently channeling my energy to my knitting so I need two things from you
1. Where can I buy hand-knitting supplies (pins: double-pointed, circular and single-pointed)?
2. Any idea about where I can fix my knitting machine?

Trendy Rammy said...

nice blog and the tips are so useful.lovely skirt.

Onnari Osemene said...

@debbie:thnx dear. U can try 'crafties' at Ikeja
@trendy rammy: thnx lots!

Onnari Osemene said...

@berry: awww! So sorry. Guess it escaped me, now how could that? :-) shoot me a mail then - thatssewnaija@gmail.com

Nkechi Obinna said...

Thanks so much Onnari.
Could u please send me (us) a blug on standard Igbo blouse (padded) blouse tutorials, also Ankara shoes and bags tutorials???.
I'm so happy to locate ur blog.

Onnari Osemene said...

You're welcome mechs. Noted.