Tuesday, 4 December 2012

New Feature On Our Blog!

Next Door Diva

I'm so excited, why? because I always am whenever I get to include a new feature on the blog. You might be wondering what I mean by 'our blog' well, it is ours right? you and me. 
recently, during one of my routines, I randomly though about doing a feature on the blog that would showcase and celebrate everyday divas (after all it is a form of DIY right? Do It Your Self styling lol!)- well,we've seen enough of celebrated celebs, so let's celebrate you and me, everyday, beautiful, ladies with style :-)
Today, I'm celebrating  Oyebola Trish Mabun - a London based fashionista and ex -model, truly  stylish and non - apologetic about it! Read on flip through the photos and you'll see why :-)

more on the other side....

Lovin' the pop of colour shoes...

the geometric details on this dress are so girly and pretty!

I loooove all the looks she put together, well done Trish and huge thanks for sharing with us!

that's all folks!

feel free to mail in pics of yourself if you want to be celebrated!



Anonymous said...


Onnari Osemene said...

ooh - I agree!

Anonymous said...

She is so sweet.....gosh!

owo kash said...

Trish pretty as ever

bisai said...

Lovely you always make me proud keep it up divalicious trish

Anonymous said...

My role model......trisha is a passionate fashionista.